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The most loveable girl. I want to keep her in my pocket everywhere I go. (at Palais des congrès de Montréal - Montreal Convention Center)

Asker kingtikijiki Asks:
OMG! I can see you now! Thank you for whatever you did! -hugs- I think it's fixed now. Question is how did you decide on the design for the Nurse Joy costume?
verababy verababy Said:

I basically just thought the costume could be improved with Boobs… Hahaha, so we made a window

Asker tungsta Asks:
if you had a limitless budget and could cosplay as absolutely anything, what would you do?!
verababy verababy Said:

I’m not sure, I haven’t felt any form of financial limitation yet except for when I use latex. But I simply put the cosplay on my “future cosplay” list, I don’t cross it off or anything

Asker nativechef Asks:
What are your favorite cheeses
verababy verababy Said:

Havarti and Cheddar ❤️

I live in Toronto and have never been to Montreal, will you be doing any sight seeing? If so take pics for me :)
verababy verababy Said:

I won’t sadly. Just here for the con and then back home