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Dear Toronto Fan Expo Goer People: I am so pumped for this year! I have some great plans for you guys, hope you are as excited for this year as I am! So, as some of you know the con I hope to go to after Toronto is New York and I have a fund up trying to reach it.

My question for Toronto, I’m wondering if I were to host a fan dinner in Toronto in exchange for help with my New York fund, would you want to attend? My New Orleans dinner was such a blast and I’m seriously looking forward to the New York one, perhaps Toronto wants in on one this year? Let me know

Photo of my misty cosplay by: @colindouglasgray


Signed Mary Jane Polaroids taken by @gaunted in my @adalalovesyou Mary Jane top

Tip 2000tokens on MyFreeCams for the top 2, or 1500 each.

The bottom one is my favourite that I want to keep for myself. If you really want it I can part with it for 5000 tokens but it’s the only one in the set I’m keeping so I’m not entirely sure if I wanna let it go

I miss you since the last time I seen you
verababy verababy Said:

xoxox - when did you last see me lovey?

Asker nativechef Asks:
I discovered you by your Misty and Princess Peach Cosplay(amazing), have you considered doing a Princess Zelda?
verababy verababy Said:

I have considered it. I LOVE zelda! But when I think of all the things I am a fan of and all the cosplays I want to do it does not sit high on the excitement list. Maybe one day though

Asker deano792584 Asks:
hello lovely photos u have!! u play on ps3 or ps4?
verababy verababy Said:

Thanks puddin! I don’t play playstation. I’m a boring nintendo gal